Pink n’ Blue personal shopping service features a one-to-one, free of charge, bespoke consultation and is available in Jdeideh & Sin El Fil . You can book your appointment and then relax, knowing that everything will be taken care of.

Sin el Fil: Horsh Tabet, Boulevard St. Rita. 

📞 76 422 284

Jdeideh: Fanar Highway, Chalet Swiss Road.

📞 81 099 403


Your child’s safety will always be our primary concern. There is a veritable minefield of legislation and information to navigate in order to identify the right seat for both your child and your vehicle. Our expert team will help you to make the right decision. You will discover car seats suitable for newborns and models that your child can use until they are old enough to leave their booster seat behind. All of our car seats adhere to the latest safety standards so you can enjoy complete peace of mind. We only sell the products that we believe in! The Finest Travel Systems, Pushchairs and Strollers for the Journey When it’s time to get out and about with your little one, the right stroller could make all the difference.


Designing your child’s nursery is an absolute joy. You will be planning a haven for your little one which is comfortable, safe and stimulating. Our outstanding nursery furniture, drawn from PINK ‘N BLUE collections, is certainly a great place to start! You can complete your nursery and create the perfect look for your home with our sleeping aids, swaddles and gorgeous bed linen. Don’t forget to choose the perfect mattress to partner your chosen cot!


Delivering endless magical moments, bathtime enables you to spend quality time with your child and to build those special bonds. Our range features everything you need to make life easier and to ensure that bathing is safe and fun. Talking of fun! Play is a vital aspect of your little one’s development. Our wonderful toys and books will help your child to learn new skills as they play. With our play mats and playpens, your child will also have a safe environment in which to get busy enjoying themselves!

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